Day 02 Wisp – 🧁 Night Cream Hiking – Inktober 2020

Come along with me? Made in Blender, rendered with Evee.

As seen on Instagram and Artstation.

Theme: Wisp

This is my second entry for Inktober 2020 day 02. The theme for this day was Wisp. While I didn’t knew what I wanted to do at first, I’ve just opened Blender and started to mess around with a sphere. Also, make sure to have plenty of resolution to get good looking deformation.

Shaded view

First, turns out we can get decent results only using modifiers. After a couple of modifers used to squash, punch holes with booleans and twisting, we can definitely get good results.

Viewport shaded view

Next, I’ve started to experiment with planes here so I took a transparent shader mixed with a drawing texture to get some lines going. The fun was to copy and paste it around, achieving a much more convincing drawn look. Above all, this one turned out to be more fun and interesting than my first entry.

Viewport solid view

Finally, I was more confident this time to record the whole process and make a timelapse so you can see what the steps are like.

More to come.

Peace out!